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Genres: Drama , Romance , War
Actors: Jean Simmons , Joan Fontaine , Paul Newman , Piper Laurie , Charles Drake , Sandra Dee , Wally Cassell , Alan Napier , Ralph Votrian , John Wilder , Tige Andrews , Adam Kennedy , Mickey Shaughnessy , Patrick Macnee
Director: Robert Wise
Country: United States
Year: 1957
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (515 votes)

Four sisters in New Zealand fall for four U.S. soldiers en route to the Pacific theater in WWII

Film Review

This is not the most spectacular "women in war" movie ever made, but Robert Wise didn't disappoint either.The focus of this film is on Jean Simmons, which was a little disappointing for me because I watched it for Joan Fontaine. Her screen time is pretty much focused into a 20 minutes sequence showing Anne falling in love in Dick (Richard Bates), him shipping off to Tawara, ending with the despair on her face when Paul Newman told her that causality list is still top-secret. To top it off, the script annoyingly turned Anne's tragedy into a happy ending – having Anne receiving telegram and a large sum of money from her mother-in-law, a congressman writing to the Marines demanding that she be sent back as royalties. The audience is led to believe that Dick was from a good, wealthy family and Anne and her little boy will live happily ever after. If you want to see a more realistic look on how the foreign war brides adjust to their American life without their husbands, I…

It's 1944 in Christchurch, New Zealand. The men have been absent for three years — fighting in the trenches against the brutal Japanese invasion. The women are at home and lonely –and also living their lives in generous comfort with no shortage of food, clothing or luxury. Enter the US Marines, on shore leave, waiting for the final push against Japan and anticipating a deadly encounter…..What's troubling now — as well as when I saw this film decades ago as an inexperienced teen — is the almost total disregard of these sweet and proper wives for their absent husbands. Their men are NOT talked about, not remembered, not appreciated.Jean Simmons and Paul Newman are the "nice" couples but it takes Simmons about 5 minutes after learning of her husband's death before she's put him out of mind in favor of Newman.If you watch this movie with an active mind, the romance fades away, and you grasp the whole thing with the distaste it deserves.

Four sisters, their bittersweet loves and disappointments in wartime (World War II) New Zealand face the sort of sibling rivalries and fears that were amply demonstrated a century ago in "Little Women". This time, of course, the morals of the time and the conventions have changed drastically but we get only a superficial examination of these sisters and a rather uneven film with a storyline that is vaguely defined. Even a wonderful actor like Paul Newman is unable to make his character totally convincing.Of the sisters, Jean Simmons and Joan Fontaine do superior work (although Fontaine's role is given scant screen footage) while Sandra Dee and Piper Laurie seem "wrong" for their respective roles as a sub-teen and a bitter harlot. Laurie, in particular, has a habit of letting her American accent dominate and plays her role in a strictly unsympathetic manner. Strange to find that the story is based on a James Michener tale. It's also a surprise to find that R…


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